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Balbriggan 30/03/2013

Balcarrick 20/04/2013

Coollattin 25/05/2013

Coollattin Photos

Headford 13/07/2013

Headford Photos

Royal Tara 24/08/2013

Royal Tara Photos

Dundalk 14/09/2013

Dundalk Photos


Word from the captain: 30/03/2013

I wish to thank all concerned the committee, members, visitors for making the occasion a good day. Mighty work by the committee and members /visitors for your support. Much appreciated and hope it will continue. Thanks Captain.



                           Results from 1st  Outing Balbriggan 30/03/2013


                              34 Played

Overall Winner     Terry Cunningham(37 Points)                   

Class 1                 

First       Shay Coogan (36 Points)

SecondPaul Cox    (34 Points)


Class 2                 

First       Justin O' Keeffe  (37 Points)

SecondGerry Killeen   (32Points)


Class 3                 

First       Charlie King  (32Points)

SecondPadraig Mc Keown     (31 Points)


Back Nine    Mick Quinn (16 Points)

Front Nine   Aidan Buckley    (18 Points)

Visitor          Quintin Moore (31Points)



                              Results from 2nd   Outing Balcarrick 20/04/2013


Magic day ! Thanks to all involved and making it a most enjoyable

outing. Congrats to both overall winners of both outings to date

 Terry Cunningham and Billy Walsh. Many thanks to the ten man

 committee for all the work behind the scenes to make it very successful.

 Outstanding  support. Hope to see you all next outing. Thanks  Captain.




                              33 Played

Overall Winner     Billy Walsh (34 Points)                

Class 1                 

First       Martin Troy  (33Points)

SecondTerry Cunningham    (33 Points)


Class 2                 

First       Peadar Dunne  (33 Points)

SecondKeith Connolly   (33Points)


Class 3                 

First       Aidan Buckley  (33Points)

SecondBen O' Sullivan     (32 Points)


Back Nine    Mark Walsh (20 Points)

Front Nine   Mick Quinn (19 Points)

Visitor          Declan Mc' Grath  (32 Points)



                              Results from 3rd   Outing Coollattin 25/05/2013

Presidents Prize


                              27 Played

Overall Winner     Colin Moloney  (35Points) B9                   

Class 1                 

First       Mark Walsh  (34Points) B9

SecondPaddy Cox    (34 Points)


Class 2                 

First       Charlie King  (30 Points)

SecondPadraig Duignan   (29Points)


Class 3                 

First       Terry Mc Auley  (35Points)

SecondColm Mc Auley  (33 Points)


Back Nine    Dermot O' Sullivan (21 Points)

Front Nine   Aidan Buckley (18 Points)

Visitor          Jack Bracken  (24 Points)



Thanks to all  concerned, magic day, congrats to all prize winners and Colin Moloney on taking top spot. Excellent feedback regarding the coarse it was picture stuff. Month rest, see all next outing Headfort.


Chalkie. (Capt).

Presentation of President’s Shield by Brendan and Peader to winner [2013] Colin. Conrats!



 Results from 4th Outing Headfort G.C. 13/07/2013

33 played

Overall Winner Aidan Buckley (39Points)

Class 1

First Terry Cunningham(32Points) B9

Second Billy Walsh (32 Points)


Class 2

First Sean Flynn (30 Points) B9

Second Gus O' Keeffe (30 Points)


Class 3

First Bobby Mc Mahon (37Points)

Second Charlie King (35 Points)


Back Nine Paidi Kelly (18 Points)

Front Nine Terry Mc Auley (18 Points)

Visitor Lar walsh (37 Points)

Congrats to Aidan Buckley on Overall Winner Of Headfort Outing, magic day and thanks to all who competed. See Yee all in Royal Tara next Outing.

Chalkie Capt).

 Overall Winner Aidan Buckley receiving his prize from Captain Brendan Hawkins

Winner Aidan Buckley receiving his prize from Captain Brendan Hawkins

See the Photo Gallery for more photos on the day: 


Results from 5th  Outing Royal Tara G.C. 24/08/2013

26 played

Overall Winner John Mangan (39Points)

Class 1

First Mark Walsh (38Points)

Second Sean Moore (37 Points) B9


Class 2

First Dermot O' Sullivan(36 Points)

SecondSean Flynn (31 Points)


Class 3

First Ciaran Mooney (38 Points)

Second Colm Mc' Auley (34 Points)


Back Nine Aidan Buckley (21 Points)

Front Nine Dave Faherty (19 Points)

Visitor Seanus Mitchell (30 Points)


Congrats to John Mangan on winning the overall prize. A big thank you for your attendance and support. Excellent course, magic weather and good golf. Hoping to see you all in Dundalk next outing Captain's Day.


Chalkie. (Capt.)

Nice Score Card, John




                          Results from Dundalk  14/09/2013


                                36 Played

Overall Winner       Colm Mc 'Auley  (39 Points) B9

2ndPrize                   Mick Halligan  (39 Points)

3rdPrize                   Dave Faheryt (37 points)

4thPrize                   Paul Cox (36 points)

Past Captains         Mick Halligan (39 points)


Class 1

First                          Paddy Cox  (34Points)

Second                     Shay Coogan (33 Points)


Class 2

First                         Kevin Hamell  (35 Points)

Second                    Terry Cunningham   (34Points)



Class 3

First                         Sean Flynn  (34Points)

Second                    Bobby Mc Mahon  (33 Points)



Back Nine              Padraig Mc Keon (19 Points)

Front Nine             Martin Troy (17 Points)

Visitor                    Brendan Moylan  (37 Points)

Nearest Pin           Billy Walsh

Longest Drive       Paul Cox

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