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Jimmy Smith Award for Player of The Year

Jimmy Smith Memorial Trophy

‘You only get out of something what you put in to it’

This was the opening statement at every AGM from our late President and founder member Jimmy Smith (RIP) when emphasising to young players the level of dedication required to be successful.

One might argue that this statement can apply to anything in life. 

We shall let this stand as his epitaph.

2016      Ryan Bennett


2014      Conal Dowling

2013       Niall Gilbride

2012       Anthony Moriarty

2011       Trevor Neville

2010       Michael Hayden

2009       Liam Gilbride

2008       John McGlade

2007       Joseph Dowling

2006       Austin Bennett

2005       Ian Dooley

2004       PaulRahilly

2003       Dave Tierney

2002       Austin Bennett

2001       Ian Driscoll

2000       Adrian McLean 

1999       Dave Lyons

1998       MauriceWogan

1997       Tony Brady

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