NAOMH BARRÓG SWAP SHOP 2015-01-19 12:02:00

Parents from some of the boys and girls teams have proposed to run a Saturday Swap Shop afternoon.
What is it about?
With sports gear so expensive at times it seems sensible to pool all that unused gear lying at home and put it to good use.
We are looking for parents and players to donate any club or GAA gear of any age group, whether too small or they simply don’t use or need anymore.
What are we looking for?
Items of all sizes inc..
Football boots, hurls, helmets, trainers, tracksuits, sweatshirts, jerseys, shorts, gloves etc.
We would very much appreciate if you could present any item in a clean state with the item itself being in good enough condition to be reused (no holes, rips or in an irreparable condition).
Where do you leave the item?
All items can be simply bagged and given to either of the caretakers, Mick or Aubrey, at the dressing rooms any evening or Saturday morning. If you wish you can label these items with your name as this may be used as credit against another item when the Swap Shop takes place.
When will the Swap Shop take place?
The date is to be announced pending the amount of items received but we are hopeing for the middle of February.
How does it work?
When we have a reasonable amount of gear in, we will give notice through club notes and team notice, of a Swap Shop taking place. A small tariff will be put on items (eg €2, â‚¬3 or €4 for a pair of boots etc.). 
Profits will go towards training equipment for the juveniles and mini leagues.
For more information
Text or ring:
Peter 087 1387272
Ingrid 086 2021857



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