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Kinsale GAA Club membership for 2017.   11/03/2017

1 Player                                                                                €  60.00


2 Players (same family)                                                 €  90.00 (applicable to underage players only)


3 Players or more (same family)                                €120.00 (applicable to underage players only)

                                                                                               (treated as Family Membership).


Important Note

As a gesture of goodwill the club would like to offer the option to “Opt-In” for one parent/guardian to become a member of Kinsale GAA Club, at no additional cost, when registering their underage sons and daughters (Opt-In available with all Underage Player Fees listed above – rates above will not change if the parent/guardian decides not to use the ‘Opt-In’ option).


The ‘Opt-In’ provision is only applicable to parents/guardians with children in the Underage Category (i.e. Boys and Girls, Under 6 up to Under 18 Minor).


Please note:- All players from Under 6 to Under 18 Minor should be registered by a parent.



Adult Membership Fees (per annum):- Adult = Over 18 Men & Women


Per Person:

Adult Player                                                                       €65.00


Adult Non-Player                                                             €50.00


O.A.P’s.                                                                                €25.00


Per Couple:

Both Adults Playing                                                         €115.00


Both Adults Non-Playing                                               €90.00


One Adult Playing, One Adult Non-Playing           €100.00




The ‘Opt-In’ option is not available to Adult Players, Adult Non-Players and O.A.P’s.  Family Membership, if required, can be organised separately.



Many thanks for taking the time to read this important information.






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