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SENIOR CO. LEAGUE DIVISION 3 - ROUND 7 2017-07-13 01:29:00

Ballymac 0-12 Laune Rangers 3-09

Supporters came out in force to cheer on both teams for the the seventh round of the County league in what was sure to be a very competitive match.  From the off, both teams made great attempts to put a mark on the score board, but it was Laune Rangers at the fifth minute who did just that, followed four minutes later with Connor Clarke doubling their starting score.  Ballymac fought back, when on the 13th minute Aiden Breen gave Ballymac their first point in an outstanding exhibition, followed by Vinny Horan scoring to match the Laune Rangers points on the board.  It was early days and all to play for, both teams giving everything to defend their sides , but the battle was hard fought in the closing minutes of the first half.  Half time score: Ballymac 0-05 Laune Rangers 0-07.

The second half proved to be a completely different game.  With such a narrow gap in scores to begin, it was anybody’s game.  Laune Rangers immediately pushed forward, when Colm O’Shea put the ball over the net widening that gap , and they continued to push when Laune Rangers’ Shane Daly came up the wing expertly passing the ball to Connor Clarke, who took on the Ballymac Keeper.  However, he saved the ball but on the rebound Laune Rangers scored their first goal.   With confidence on the up, they got a second goal just two minutes later.  Ballymac seemed to find their feet at this point of the match, when they teamed up and managed four points without response in just six minutes.   They battled hard to bring the game to their side, but another Laune Rangers goal spoiled their hopes and seemed to seal the deal for the visitors.  The last 15 minutes decided who were to be the victors and it was Laune Rangers who proved to be too strong for the home side and came out on top.  Ballymac did bring great strength and absolute heartfelt determination to this game and we are sure that they will bring the magic back again.