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How to improve your Balance

O’Connor, L.

Avoiding Cramp

Developing Concentration


What about usual stretching exercises


Drink your way to health with water


Creating Better sleep patterns

McCrystal, P.M.

Nutrition Brain Teaser

National Dairy Council

Fluid Requirements for GAA Players

National Dairy Council

Nutrition – Pre, During & Post Game

Hydration – Pre, During & Post Game

National Dairy Council

Acute Injury Management

Clarke, M.

Dynamic Stretching

Tips For Giving Feedback

Breathe In

John Morrison

Balance for Gaelic Footballers

O’Connor, L.

Go Games – A new model of participation in Gaelic Games

Darcy, J

A Skill Development model for Gaelic Games

Darcy, J.

The Art of Coaching

Young, E.

The Hurling Nursery

Carton, J.

The Gaelic Footballer Goalkeeper today

O’Shea, M.

Role of the full back in Gaelic Football

Harpur, B.

Mental Rehearsal

Kevlihan, C.

Funny what you see and meet

Morrison, J.

Parents were once children

Morrison, J.


The clash-tyres

Butler, P.

Watch you’re Language

Morrison, J.

How to improve your balance with exercise

Core Stability Exercises

Activate Sports

Plyometric Circuit

Teaching Games for Understanding

Hopper, T. & Kruisselbrink, D

Testing the Coach

Gilmore, H.J. & McArdle, D

Sprint Training


Speed & Agility

The Psychology of Playing

Gaelic Performance

The Physiology of Plyometric Drills

Functional Screening

Brannigan S., Murray, K. & Quinn, F.

More Core Stability Exercises


Developing the Big Man

Eugene Young & Peter McGinnity

Communicating with Athletes

Hydration Protocol

What to Eat to Improve Performance

Sharon Madigan

Playing Without Fear

John Morrison

Games for Understanding

Michael Dormondy

The Cost of Winning

Team Talks

John Morrison

The Art of Coaching

Eugene Young

Am I Motivated?

John Morrison


Jeff Thornton

Sports Vision

Dr Sherylle Calder

Plyometrics- The Power Behind the Player

Terence McWilliams

Imagery Training & Mental Rehearsal

Dr  Evelyn  Carnegie

Basic Nutrition

Leadership Qualities

Bret Johnson

Games Development Conference 2015 (link)

Games Development Conference 2012 (from

Jean Coté

Coaching Youth: Meeting the Challenge, Raising our Games (PDF) [Video]

Brian Cuthbert

Organising Purposeful Games Based Activities (PDF) [Video]

Colin Regan
Caroline Currid

The Sporting Life: Why encouraging positive lifestyle choices off the field
contributes to the Player on it
 (PDF) [Video]

Giles Warrington
Dessie Dolan

Fuelling our Development: The reality behind hydration and nutrition (PDF) [Video]

Dr Mark Rowe

A new understanding on Player Development [Video]

Eamonn Ryan

Organising purposeful games based activities - A Practical Football Demonstration (PDF) [Video]

Paudie O'Neill

Organising purposeful games based activities - A Practical Hurling Demonstration (PDF) [Video]

Gerry Hussey

Tools to support player development: Psychological Focus (PDF) [Video]

Julia Walsh

Developing Coaches - A lifelong journey (PDF) [Video]

Vinnie Walsh

Aligning Club and School (PDF)

Gerry Fitzpatrick
Aoife Lane

Team Cohesion: Success with Teenage Attitudes (PDF) [Video]

Cian O'Neill

Supporting the Physical Fitness Development of Teenage Players (PDF) [Video]

Liam O'Neill

Games Development and the Youth Player [Video]

David Parkin

Coaching Youth Players: An International Perspective (PDF) [Video]


Games Development Conference 2010 (from


Paudie Butler

The Child in Gaelic Games

Download File (13Mb)

Des Ryan

Identifying and Assessing Game Based Movement Skills

Download File (6MB)

Peter Gunning

Gaelic Games - It's All Child's Play

Download File (3Mb)

Caitríona Cosgrave

Incorporating Gaelic Games into the Primary School Physical Education Curriculum

Download File (6.5Mb)

Edward Coughlan

Play the Game and Let it be your Master

Download File (5Mb)

Niall Moyna
Mickey Whelan

Why Go Games?

Download File (11Mb)

DJ Carey

The Family of Gaelic Games in Developing the Whole Player

Download File (4Mb)

Gearóid Ó Maolmhichíl
Nicholas Walsh

Fair Play - Giving Gaelic Games base to the Kids

Download File (7Mb) 

Bruce Wardrup

Fueling Our Play

Download File (10Mb)

Briain Ryan
Pat Culhane

Implementing Models of Go Games A Case Study - Limerick Regeneration Project and Kilkenny

Download File (7Mb)



Coaching Conference 2010 (from

Cian O’Neill – Keeping Players Fresh & Training Interesting

Eoin Liston – Development of the whole player

Gerry Fitzpatrick – Mental Preparation

Liam O’Neill – Games Development within the GAA

Newtownshandrum – Club at the Heart of our Community


Coaching Conference 2008 (from

Speed as a Skill – Pat Flanagan presentation

Final Week Preparation, a Prelude to the Main Event – Dr. L Hennessy

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