Match Reports - 2003's

Pictures from all the games that we've played so far this season are available here.

4th October 2015

U12 - 2 Team played against Thomas Davis

U12 - 1 Team played against Clontarf  

It was a busy weekend for the U12s-2 Team, who had to play a well-polished Clontarf side on Sunday with both matches running side by side. The girls that played on Saturday in the U13s Divisions 4 against Garristown were still feeling the effects, which impacted on their game somewhat and this could be seen from the sidelines, with several injuries knocking out key players which was difficult to cope with.  Never-the-less, both teams battled hard and there were some great scores, both goals and points. 

The 1-Team played Thomas Davis and put in a great effort with some fine performances from some of the players. The team included the welcome addition of three new players, who were enthusiastic and tried very hard.

3rd October 2015

U13 (Division 4) Match report 3rd October 2015 

Garristown, Co. Dublin 

The girls had a terrific game last Saturday against Garristown, which show-cased all the skills this team has accumulated in the past year. The first fifteen minutes did not go well with several great scores by Garristown, which were well- deserved. But with some field-side coaching from Ronan and David the girls produced a grim determination to turn the game around with a tenacity that surprised even the mentors and parents!  

They settled into their positions with some great marking and running, and concentrated on what they do best, slowly and patiently working the ball in with some fantastic hand-passing sequences. The scores were high on both sides, with a large number of our girls scoring, a hint of the potential of this terrific bunch in the future. They literally ran themselves into the ground to win the day, each and every girl stretching themselves to the limit. The parents on the side-lines also threw themselves into the game and gave the girls all the vocal encouragement they needed and then some. All in all a very successful day for Foxcab.

13th September 2015

1-team – Kilmacud Croke 

2-team – Kilmacud Crokes

The under 12’s had a three-team fixture against Kilmacud Crokes last Sunday and, despite the wet start, it turned out to be a very exciting and successful evening. The under-12s produced an outstanding first season performance, with all three teams excelling themselves in terms of tight-handing passing, fierce tackling and a very high rate of finishing, resulting in some very good scores. They all displayed impressive teamwork with some tremendous blocks and vision from defence while in mid field and forward they concentrated on working in threes, retaining possession while building up their scores. The FoxCab girls, right across the three teams, never allowed their opponents to settle and put unrelenting pressure on them whenever they had the ball. Their hard work at practice on a Tuesday night and the value of the Saturday match session was clear for all to see in their polished performance this Sunday.

11th of June 2015

1-team – St Marks

2-team – Kilmacud Crokes

The under 12’s had a three team fixture against Kilmacud Crokes last Thursday evening at Kilbogget. The girls did brilliantly - all the hard work in training is paying off with some terrific performances. It was especially enjoyable for the parents and mentors alike to see the girls expressing themselves so freely and it was especially good to see the girls focusing on their left-hand side, something they have worked hard at in training. The games were especially exciting to watch with lots of close tackles and with an emphasis on tight hand passes and ‘working the ball in’ in what can only be described as a very professional display. A number of parents on the sidelines commented to the mentors how well all three teams have come on and how united a group they all seem to be.

The 1–Team also had a great fixture against St Marks last Sunday and put up a terrific performance, as always. This match was also exciting to watch as there was plenty of action all around.

June 7 2015

1-team – Had no match

2-team – Lucan Sarsfields

The 2-team did very well out in Lucan and played some terrific matches, a total of 22 girls making the trip out. The girls had to do a lot of running with no subs but they rose to the occasion, as always. There were some great displays of agility and pace with a marked willingness to change the direct of attack when needed. Both sets of mid-field players produced some excellent play to control the game with some fantastic points scored. The determined fielding by the backs kept the opposition scores low and every single ball was fiercely contested. The forwards dominated the other end of the pitch, pushing forward and working hand-in-glove with the mid-field to produce some very good football. 

Thanks to our hosts, Lucan Sarsfields!

May 24 2015

1-team - Round Towers

2-team -  Ballyboden: cancelled due to poor numbers

The 1-team had a great game on Sunday, against a very strong side. It was a brilliant display from our girls, deploying excellent tactics. The strategy of attacking in threes, in a triangle, in combination with accurate and deft hand-passing, proved to be a very successful strategy and the finishing was very good. It was a confident display from all the FoxCab girls who are really beginning to know their positions in the park. Round Towers was a very nice club to visit and thanks are due to their mentors and helpers who were great hosts.  

The 2-team had a practice match with David and Ronan.

May 17 2015

1-team - St Olaf's

2-team - Castleknock

The 2-team produced a strong, confident performance against Castleknock in Kilbogget on Sunday with a great focus on goal-scoring. Both teams worked well together, with plenty of well-executed hand-passing and kicking. The girls were communicating well, calling names and working the ball in with some tight hand-passing, which proved to be a very effective offensive strategy. They also played a terrific defensive game when required.

The 1-team produced a very competitive and close game. St Olaf’s defence was suburb and they put into play the two-man tackle very well. Our girls responded brilliantly and put in a great performance from front to back, the result of which was a very tight scoring result! Good day, all in all. Thanks to Molly, Aoife and Leah who helped make up numbers and did very well.

May 10 2015

After a cancellation by Robert Emmets, the
Under 12s mixed the groups in for a 2-Team fixture against Clontarf to give everyone a bit of match time. Given the large numbers, the playing-time for each girl was not quite what we would have liked but, as always, the girls rose to the occasion displaying good sportsmanship all around. They all did brilliantly against a tough Clontarf outfit in very windy conditions with the spoils being fairly shared by both sides. 

April 30 2015

2-Team group:  St Jude’s

1-Team group: St Marks

The 1-Team played St Marks and were fantastic. A pre-match coaching session focused on the importance of looking up and accurate hand-passing, which the team took on board, responding amazingly.  All in all the girls were in great form and the games were very exciting. They took their opportunities and got good scores across the team. The opposition were also a great bunch of girls and two of them generously played with Fox Cab.

The 2-Teams were at St Jude’s, this fixture also producing some fantastic games, which entertained the supporters and mentors as much as the girls. The Fox Cab skills were well-matched in the opposition, producing some very tight and exciting games with some very good tackling. Our girls showed great heart and courage as ever and fought really hard, with a lower turnover rate, which was good to see. There was some great scoring, especially from free kicks.

Pictures from all the games that we've played so far this season are available here.

April 26 2015

2-Team Group: Na Fianna:  Cancelled due to rain

1-Team group: Crumlin  

The 1-Team performed very well against Crumlin in cold and wintery conditions at Kilbogget. There was plenty of good hand-passing and possession of the ball with great movement throughout the field. They all displayed good team-play and showed great commitment in winning the balls. All in all, the team demonstrated some very good skills throughout the game.  

The 2-Team matches against Na Fianna were unfortunately cancelled due to bad weather but that didn’t stop some of the team turning out for match practice on Sunday with Ronan and David both playing on either team!

Pictures from all the games that we've played so far this season are available here.

April 15 2015

2 Team group:  Away at St Patrick’s, Donabate

1 Team group: Away to St Anne’s, Boherabreena 

 The 2-Team had a very successful trip out to St Patrick’s Donabate, on Sunday (which ended in an ice-cream fest in Scumdidilies, Portrane) while the 1-Team group were closer to home, playing St Anne’s in Bohernabreena. 

There was a lot of very good football played, with well-worked points and more accurate shot-taking, along with good awareness in working the ball into the shooting zone. Our defences were very strong and the girls showed great bravery in making tackles and getting some great blocks in. All in all a very successful and enjoyable day was had by all.

Many thanks to our hosts, St Patrick’s and St Anne’s.