Our camps are now finished for 2016 but planning has already started for 2017. Below is a summary of the 2 successful camps that were ran in 2016.  

August 2016 Camp

Day 1

Fantastic start to our 2nd Cul Camp with over 80 children in attendance. It is particularly pleasing to see so many of the kids from our first camp in July coming back to join us, and at least for today, the sun was shining down on us. The Kellogg's Cúl camp gear was distributed to the new participants, so look out tomorrow for photos when everyone will be dressed in their camp gear. We're delighted to have Steve Davis, our GPO , back among us again, and running lively and entertaining drills. The Cúl camp team wants to extend a warm welcome to new helpers Ciara, Bea, Aobha, and Kez who will be joining the group on Tuesday.Our

Day 2

Blessed again with a glorious sunny day, and so coaches/helpers had to vigilantly re-apply sun cream to the kids at break times. There was a bit of a breeze blowing around the park and regularly blew over our cones! The ball net was put up again to test shooting skills, and two of the groups played "No Man's Land" over the "tennis" net. The obstacle race was set up today for the younger kids and as expected proved popular and amusing; no camp is complete without our Parachute fun at the end of the day, trying hard to get the ball on to the centre of the chute!

Day 3

The weather turned around today and it became much cooler. But the drizzly rain did not dampen the spirits of the boys and girls one little bit. Apart from sheltering a couple of times for the ‘orange group’ we were outside continuing our drills and games. The older group enjoyed a ’boys versus girls’ derby, and guess who won....yes, the girls on this occasion did themselves proud! Paul, Steve, and Jane have been getting the teams sorted for the mini-All Ireland which starts tomorrow for the older boys and girls after the warm-ups 

Day 4

The torrential overnight rain had stopped but a heavy mist hung over the park when Steve was carrying out his warm-up drills. As the morning wore on the sun began to shine through, and in perfect time for the start of the mini-All Ireland (6 teams taking part). The hula hoop game proved a big hit with the ‘orange’ group trying to get the hoop around the circle without letting go of your partners’ hands! Gaelic football rounders was also introduced after lunch with great hilarity for all taking part! The semis and finals of the mini-All Ireland will be held tomorrow before we close the show...parents should be down at the park around 2pm to see their children receive their certs and other goodies. By the way, a few Cúl camp training tops were left today on the field without any names so could the relevant parents enquire with Jane or the mentors in the morning? See you all tomorrow! 

Day 5

A nerve-wracking start to our final day as the rain poured down on us while signing everybody in. It showed no sign of stopping and so it was out with the quiz books, colouring pencils and DVDs! Would we or wouldn’t we get the final stages of the mini-All Ireland completed was the burning question. Although many of the coaches were drenched setting up the goals and drills, spirits were not disheartened and we got the break we wanted around midday. Rain stopped and it was back onto the field to resume play! It was one of the closest finals we’ve experienced for ages with Dublin just beating Tipperary in a closely fought contest. We were delighted to have along our very own Sinead Goldrick, and Craig Dias and Paul Mannion from the Dublin Senior Football team to present the trophy and medals to the winning team; they also handed out the Cúl camp certificates, posters, and goody bags, and signed loads of the kids’ shirts! There will be a further posting over the weekend with a comprehensive thank-you list to all who helped make this camp a resounding success.....and on a light-hearted note, it will be comforting knowing that this evening we don’t have to check the weather forecast for tomorrow!


The feedback from all concerned on the Cúl camps was very positive and congratulatory; naturally the good weather for most of the week helped, and the kids loved their colourful eye-catching gear. Every one of the coaches and helpers worked extremely hard, and deserve another mention! Stephen Davis, our GPO, Emma McS, Emma H, Fionnuala, Faye, Aoife, Jane, Saoirse, Sophie McS, Sophie M, Roisin, Grace, Sadbh, Lile, Aobha, Ciara, Kez, Bea, Ellie, Darragh. Thank you also to our registration team of ladies Ruth, Ciara, Lucilita, Audrey, Elaine and Ruby. We were indebted to Pat Finnerty from the Cabinteely soccer club who arranged for us to have use of their clubhouse when the heavens opened, as they did several times during the week! Also William thank you for putting up goals each day and helping set up the clubhouse in the morning before parents and children arrived. Thank you too Nessa for lending a helping hand when needed, and to anyone else whose name we’ve missed, sorry, but thank you too!

Our Academy for 4-7 year olds starts back on Sat 3 September at 9.45am in Kilbogget, and so if you have attended the camps, are not a member of a Gaelic club, and want to join, then come down and meet us. If you are from 8 years old and above and are interested in becoming a member please get in touch with our Club secretary on or contact the Cúl Camp team

July 2016 Camp

Our July Cul Camp was an overwhelming success. A summary of the fun-filled week is below.

Day 1

The Foxrock Cabinteely Kellogg's Summer Cul Camp kicked off on July 18th and our Cúl Camp Team really gave a master class on how to deliver a fun filled morning/afternoon.  

Day 2
The hottest day of the year so far saw temperatures rise to the high 20's. But the boys and girls, decked out in their new camp gear, arrived creamed up from head to toe! Mentors also had extra duties to perform during the day - making sure there was plenty of juice and water on hand and also during the lunch break helping everyone re-apply that vital sun cream. 

The parachute game proved very popular, and even more fun when the kids "captured" the mentors underneath! The boys enjoyed an energetic session of Gaelic rounders, and there were mini-football games going on across the field most of the afternoon. 

The weather is going to be a little cooler tomorrow but it will not dampen the fun everyone is having at the camp!  

Day 3
The cool breeze that lingered over the camp this morning on our 3rd day soon disappeared and gave way again to a lovely sunny day. While Jane and Paul were planning the teams for the mini-All Ireland that will run over the course of Thursday and Friday, Stephen and the mentors were taking care of their various groups out on the field. 

After the girls and boys are signed in, the day begins with a 15-minute warm-up; each morning session concentrates at perfecting one of the GAA ball skills e.g. hand-passing. The boys today ended their afternoon with a highly competitive but fun game of No Man's Land! The young girls again took to the "parachute" playing several games of "cat and mouse" and some also tried their hand at Frisbee

Day 4
The rain threatened this morning but the downpour only lasted 15 minutes. After that, the sun came out, and it was back onto the field and into the drills. Some of the younger children also took part in the obstacle course. The Mini All-Ireland started today, and each county was allocated a manager and captain! The finals will be held tomorrow. There will also be lots of fun games tomorrow for the younger ones including rounders and variations on the "cups and saucers" drill. We also hope to have some special guests with us at the end of the final day of camp! And we cannot forget to wish Grace, one of our helpers, a big huge Happy 16th Birthday!

Day 5
What a final day at our Cul camp, and a memorable "closing ceremony" to finish off proceedings.  The rain stayed away too! 

After an energetic warm up session, it was straight into the mini All Ireland competition for the older children, while the "oranges" headed off to the obstacle race and other entertaining drills. 

We were delighted to have as our guests to present the Camp certificates and goody bags, members of our club who play in the Dublin county teams, Jodi and Lisa from the under 16s, Tara and Hannah from the minors, and Niamh from the Senior team. Because of the significant number of boys attending the camp we brought along Con O'Callaghan from the Dublin Senior Football team to chat to everybody attending including the large group of parents who came to see their children and take souvenir photos. 


Well done to all the managers, captains and county teams who took part in the mini All-Ireland on Friday, and congratulations to the winners Tyrone, their manager Jane, and captain Ruby. They beat Mayo managed by Emma McSweeney. EmJ accepted the trophy on Ruby's behalf.

It has been a fantastic week, in no small way helped by the glorious weather we enjoyed every day. Many of the children loved it so much they will be signing up for the next camp in August starting on the 15th, and several boys and girls will be joining our burgeoning Academy when it re-starts early September.

The lion's share of the work was carried out by our co-ordinator, Jane O'Connell Bell, and her gargantuan effort contributed immensely to the camp's success. We were delighted to avail of the services of our GPO (Games Promotion Officer) Steve Davis who taught us all so much and gave encouragement not just to the children but also to the coaches. A big thank-you must be extended to the girl mentors who looked after the children, on and off the field, so professionally each day, and to Paul and Derek for their invaluable help making sure the wheels kept turning!

Behind the scenes, we would not have got through the week if it were not for our Registration team on the first day getting everybody enrolled, and distributing the Cul camp gear. Also thanks to Elaine, Lucilita, Nessa, Claire, Audrey, Karen, and William for playing a pivotal role in the daily organisation.  Thank you too Ger for looking after our Facebook postings each day (and anyone else we've missed).

Finally, thank you to our club players who represent Dublin at Inter-County level, and gave up their time to come down and assist in the presentation of certificates and goodies.

Our next camp is in three weeks time so watch this space....! 

Click here to view the images from the camp.