School Blitz 2015 Report

The annual school blitz was held on June 10th and it really was a fantastic day !   

There was some excellent football played over the 12 games in the group stages.  Group 1 was decided on scoring difference when all 3 teams finished with 1 win each. Hollypark 1 had the best scoring difference of +10 so they won the group and qualified for the semi final.

Group 2 went down to the final game where Hollypark 2 took on Johnstown 2.  Hollypark 2 won by 2 goals and topped the group and qualified for the semi final.

Group 3 was a tight affair also and in the end, Hollypark 3 and Hollypark 4 came first and second respectively thereby achieving the "grand slam" for Hollypark.  

Rather than play the semi-finals, both students and teachers decided that it would be best if all players got to play in the final.  The final was a tight affair but the winner on the day was the sportsmanship shown by ALL players.  

Click here for the final results. Photos from the day are available here.