League Table Junior B Football League

Beal Athan Ghaorthaidh44008334498

Top two teams to play in final. Games to be scheduled for last Sunday of each month unless played before that date. Final positions are determined according to County League Regulation 4(d) and Rules 6.36/6.20 O.G. League cut-off date: October 4th

Crosshaven 1-84-16Beal Athan Ghaorthaidh Crosshaven16/05/201517:15Round 1
Grange 3-101-8Kiskeam Kilworth23/05/201517:30Round 1
Glenlara 0-63-21Beal Athan Ghaorthaidh Glenlara26/07/201511:30Round 3
Beal Athan Ghaorthaidh --Grange Beal Athan Ghaorthaidh15/08/201515:00Conceded by Grange
Grange 4-131-7Glenlara Grange05/09/201518:30Round 4
Crosshaven --Kiskeam Crosshaven05/09/201519:00Conceded by Kiskeam
Glenlara --Crosshaven Glenlara20/09/201515:00Round 2
Kiskeam 2-114-13Beal Athan Ghaorthaidh Kiskeam 26/09/201517:00Round 4
Crosshaven 1-63-10Grange Crosshaven27/09/201512:00Round 5
Glenlara 2-101-13Kiskeam Glenlara04/10/201512:30Round 5
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