League Table Junior A Football League Group 1

Tadhg Mac Carthaigh75026064-410
Clann na nGael61143470-363

Top team in each group to play in final. Games to be scheduled for last Sunday of each month unless played before that date. Final positions are determined according to County League Regulation 4(d) and Rules 6.36/6.20 O.G. League cut-off date: October 4th

Aghinagh 1-100-8Clann na nGael Aghinagh 07/03/201516:00Round 1
Glanmire 1-103-6Castlemagner Glanmire 24/03/201520:00Round 1
Belgooly 2-91-13Tadhg Mac Carthaigh Belgooly29/03/201511:30Round 1
Kilshannig 3-110-8Glanmire Glanmire 01/04/201519:45Round 2
Knocknagree 1-142-2Kilshannig Knocknagree08/04/201519:45Round 1
Tadhg Mac Carthaigh 1-100-12Aghinagh Tadhg MacCarthaigh19/04/201512:00Round 2
Castlemagner --Belgooly Castlemagner25/04/201518:45Void
Clann na nGael 0-23-19Knocknagree Clann na nGael 25/04/201519:00Round 2
Kilshannig 4-40-10Castlemagner Castlemagner13/05/201519:30Round 3
Glanmire 1-101-10Clann na nGael Glanmire 31/05/201515:00Round 3
Aghinagh 1-212-9Belgooly Aghinagh 11/06/201519:30Round 3
Knocknagree 0-180-6Tadhg Mac Carthaigh Knocknagree13/06/201520:00Round 3
Castlemagner 0-92-14Aghinagh Castlemagner17/06/201520:00Round 4
Clann na nGael 0-113-7Kilshannig Clann na nGael 20/06/201519:00Round 4
Tadhg Mac Carthaigh --Glanmire Tadhg MacCarthaigh28/06/201515:00Conceded by Glanmire
Belgooly 0-131-18Knocknagree Belgooly02/07/201520:00Round 4
Tadhg Mac Carthaigh 0-60-8Castlemagner Tadhg MacCarthaigh04/07/201518:00Round 7
Glanmire --Belgooly Glanmire 26/07/201511:30Conceded by Belgooly
Knocknagree 4-133-4Aghinagh Knocknagree27/07/201520:00Round 5
Clann na nGael --Castlemagner Clann na nGael 01/08/201519:00Conceded by Castlemagner
Kilshannig 2-52-13Tadhg Mac Carthaigh Aughaville15/08/201519:00Round 5
Aghinagh --Glanmire Aghinagh 30/08/201518:45Conceded by Glanmire
Tadhg Mac Carthaigh --Clann na nGael Tadhg MacCarthaigh05/09/201519:30Conceded by Clann na nGael
Belgooly --Kilshannig Belgooly12/09/201517:30Conceded by Belgooly
Castlemagner --Knocknagree Castlemagner12/09/201518:00Conceded by Castlemagner
Kilshannig --Aghinagh Glantane 26/09/201517:00Conceded by Aghinagh
Glanmire --Knocknagree Glanmire 29/09/201520:00Conceded by Knocknagree
Clann na nGael --Belgooly Clann na nGael TBCRound 7
-- 01:00
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