League Table Junior A Hurling League Group 2

Mayfield 7601159946512
Cloughduv 7502127120710
Ballinhassig 731311611337
Killeagh 7304939126
Freemount 730411511506
St James 72238999-106
Courcey Rovers 721473121-485
Dohenys 72055877-194

Top team in each group to play in final. Games to be scheduled for last Sunday of each month unless played before that date. Final positions are determined according to County League Regulation 4(d) and Rules 6.36/6.20 O.G. League cut-off date: October 4th

Killeagh 0-160-9Ballinhassig Killeagh 23/03/201520:00Round 1
Dohenys 1-121-8St James Dunmanway 29/03/201515:00Round 1
Cloughduv 3-62-17Mayfield Cloughduv 02/04/201520:30Round 1
Mayfield 1-191-17Killeagh Killeagh 07/04/201519:45Round 2
St James 1-181-18Courcey Rovers Ballinspittle 09/04/201518:45Round 2
Ballinhassig 2-80-10Dohenys Dunmanway 16/04/201520:00Round 2
Freemount 3-152-19Cloughduv Freemount21/04/201519:15Round 2
Killeagh 2-161-22Cloughduv Killeagh 09/05/201519:00Round 3
Courcey Rovers 1-42-19Freemount Ballinspittle 10/05/201513:00Round 1
Ballinhassig 0-160-16St James Ballinhassig 13/05/201519:30Round 4
Courcey Rovers 0-132-22Ballinhassig Ballinhassig 17/05/201512:00Round 3
Freemount 1-140-9Killeagh Freemount23/05/201519:00Round 4
Dohenys 1-163-13Mayfield Dunmanway 30/05/201518:00Round 3
Mayfield 4-211-11Freemount Mayfield 09/06/201519:45Round 7
Cloughduv 3-211-11Dohenys Carrigadrohid12/06/201519:45Round 4
St James 1-153-17Killeagh Ardfield 15/06/201519:45Round 7
Mayfield 1-190-15Ballinhassig Mayfield 28/06/201512:00Round 6
Mayfield 3-281-8Courcey Rovers Mayfield 02/07/201520:00Round 4
St James 2-170-21Freemount Ardfield 25/07/201518:00Round 3
Dohenys --Killeagh Dunmanway 27/07/201519:45Conceded by Killeagh
Ballinhassig 1-151-11Freemount Ballinhassig 01/08/201519:30Round 5
Courcey Rovers 1-181-7Cloughduv Ballinspittle 04/08/201520:00Round 5
Killeagh --Courcey Rovers Killeagh 11/09/201519:45Conceded by Courcey Rovers
St James --Mayfield Ardfield 12/09/201518:00Conceded by Mayfield
Freemount --Dohenys Freemount13/09/201512:00Conceded by Dohenys
Cloughduv --St James Cloughduv 23/09/201518:30Conceded by St James
Ballinhassig 0-163-13Cloughduv Cloughduv 23/09/201520:30Round 7
Courcey Rovers --Dohenys Ballinspittle 04/10/201500:00Conceded by Dohenys
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