League Table Division 2 Hurling League

Valley Rovers10433183178511
Fr O Neills9324146171-258
Eire Og9315116161-457

NB: Final positions are determined according to County League Regulation 4(d) and Rules 6.36/6.20 O.G. Top two teams qualify for final. Rounds 1-6 to be played on or before scheduled dates, both clubs to confirm fixtures details to office by email only as per regulations. Two more of the remaining rounds to be played by August 9th. League cut-off date: October 4th.

Charleville 2-220-18Watergrasshill Charleville 01/03/201512:00Round 1
Fr O Neills 1-121-13Valley Rovers Fr O Neills01/03/201514:00Round 1
Eire Og 1-122-16Kildorrery Ovens01/03/201515:30Round 1
Carrigaline 1-212-10Castlelyons Castleyons 01/03/201516:00Round 1
Valley Rovers 2-112-11Castlelyons Brinny 08/03/201511:30Round 2
Watergrasshill 0-101-12Eire Og Watergrasshill08/03/201512:00Round 2
Kildorrery 0-171-16Fr O Neills Kildorrery 08/03/201513:00Round 2
Kilbrittain 2-142-18Carrigaline Kilbrittain 08/03/201515:00Round 2
Mallow 2-100-7Ballincollig Mallow 08/03/201515:00Round 2
Mallow 2-112-19Charleville Mallow 15/03/201512:00Round 11
Kilbrittain 0-150-17Valley Rovers Brinny 21/03/201516:00Round 3
Castlelyons 2-161-18Kildorrery Castleyons 22/03/201511:30Round 3
Fr O Neills 1-120-20Watergrasshill Fr O Neills22/03/201512:00Round 3
Carrigaline 1-173-14Mallow Carrigaline 23/03/201520:00Round 3
Kildorrery 1-211-15Kilbrittain Kildorrery 04/04/201517:00Round 4
Eire Og 0-114-20Mallow Ovens04/04/201518:00Round 7
Watergrasshill 0-182-18Castlelyons Watergrasshill04/04/201518:00Round 4
Carrigaline 4-192-8Ballincollig Carrigaline 05/04/201515:00Round 4
Charleville 3-200-6Fr O Neills Charleville 05/04/201516:00Round 4
Mallow 2-190-7Kilbrittain Mallow 12/04/201514:00Round 10
Fr O Neills 2-131-14Kilbrittain Fr O Neills04/05/201513:00Round 7
Eire Og 1-93-19Castlelyons Ovens04/05/201515:30Round 6
Valley Rovers 0-150-13Watergrasshill Brinny 07/05/201519:30Round 8
Kilbrittain 0-110-14Eire Og Kilbrittain 08/05/201519:15Round 11
Castlelyons 0-190-18Charleville Castletownroche 08/05/201519:30Round 5
Mallow 3-161-11Kildorrery Mallow 08/05/201519:30Round 5
Fr O Neills 0-162-14Carrigaline Fr O Neills10/05/201512:00Round 5
Ballincollig 1-111-7Valley Rovers Ballincollig 10/05/201515:00Round 5
Valley Rovers 0-170-17Carrigaline Brinny 12/05/201519:30Round 6
Ballincollig 0-140-14Kilbrittain Ballincollig 17/05/201514:30Round 1 Champ
Watergrasshill 2-91-17Carrigaline Watergrasshill06/06/201519:00Round 7
Valley Rovers 1-272-14Eire Og Brinny 06/06/201519:30Round 10
Ballincollig 0-121-13Fr O Neills Ballincollig 13/06/201519:30Round 9
Charleville 1-160-11Kilbrittain Charleville 14/06/201514:00Round 6
Watergrasshill 1-140-13Kildorrery Watergrasshill18/06/201519:30Round 9
Kilbrittain 1-161-19Watergrasshill Kilbrittain 23/06/201520:00Round 5
Eire Og --Charleville Ovens26/06/201500:00Conceded by Eire Og
Carrigaline 4-233-13Kildorrery Carrigaline 30/06/201520:00Round 11
Valley Rovers 1-171-17Mallow Brinny 30/06/201520:00Round 4
Kilbrittain 1-82-23Castlelyons Kilbrittain 05/07/201512:00Round 8
Kildorrery 0-110-16Ballincollig Kildorrery 10/07/201519:30Round 6
Charleville 1-213-14Valley Rovers Charleville 10/07/201520:00
Eire Og 0-171-13Carrigaline Ovens23/07/201519:30
Castlelyons 2-181-21Fr O Neills Castleyons 01/08/201519:00Round 11
Ballincollig 2-140-11Watergrasshill Ballincollig 06/08/201519:30
Watergrasshill 1-124-16Mallow Killavullen 15/08/201519:00Round 6 Champ
Kildorrery --Charleville Charleville 12/09/201516:00Conceded by Kildorrery
Ballincollig 0-120-12Eire Og Ballincollig 22/09/201520:00
Mallow 2-101-13Fr O Neills Riverstown 23/09/201519:30
Kildorrery 2-171-15Valley Rovers Kildorrery 27/09/201512:00
Castlelyons 2-173-16Mallow Castleyons 27/09/201515:30
Carrigaline --Charleville Carrigaline 02/10/201520:00Conceded by Carrigaline
Charleville --Ballincollig Charleville 04/10/201515:00Conceded by Ballincollig
Castlelyons --Ballincollig Castleyons TBC
Fr O Neills --Carrigaline Fr O NeillsTBC
-- 01:00
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