League Table Rochestown Park Hotel Div. 1 Football League

Carbery Rangers11811163907317
Nemo Rangers108021471004716
O Donovan Rossa117221731314216
Ilen Rovers115151731472611
St Finbarrs115051521361610
Naomh Aban11119105186-813

Winners: Carbery Rangers. Runners-up: Nemo Rangers. NB: Final positions are determined according to County League Regulation 4(d) and Rules 6.36/6.20 O.G. Top four teams qualify for semi-finals. League cut-off date: October 5th.

Douglas 0-100-1Naomh Aban Douglas 08/02/201415:30Round 1
St Finbarrs 1-111-12O Donovan Rossa Togher 09/02/201412:00Round 1
Clonakilty 0-113-10Newcestown Clonakilty 09/02/201414:30Round 1
Nemo Rangers 2-123-6Ilen Rovers Nemo Rangers09/02/201415:00Round 1
Newcestown 0-101-8Carbery Rangers Newcestown 16/02/201411:30Round 2
Naomh Aban 0-100-13Nemo Rangers Ballyvourney16/02/201414:00Round 2
St Finbarrs 0-141-8Ilen Rovers Togher 16/02/201414:30Round 2
Castlehaven 4-110-6Bishopstown Castlehaven16/02/201415:00Round 2
Nemo Rangers 4-100-5Aghada Nemo Rangers20/02/201420:00Round 3
Newcestown 1-170-8Bishopstown Newcestown 23/02/201413:30Round 3
Clonakilty 3-92-9Ilen Rovers Clonakilty 23/02/201414:30Round 3
Carbery Rangers 1-130-10O Donovan Rossa Rosscarbery 23/02/201415:00Round 3
St Finbarrs 4-111-8Naomh Aban Togher 23/02/201415:30Round 3
O Donovan Rossa 3-81-9Clonakilty O Donovan Rossa 09/03/201414:30Round 2
Douglas 1-92-16Nemo Rangers Nemo Rangers13/03/201419:45Round 4
Castlehaven 0-101-14Newcestown Castlehaven14/03/201420:00Round 4
Aghada 0-65-10St Finbarrs Aghada (Rostellen)15/03/201414:30Round 4
Bishopstown 0-92-14O Donovan Rossa Cloughduv 25/03/201420:45Round 4
Nemo Rangers 1-110-8Castlehaven Nemo Rangers30/03/201411:30Round 5
Douglas 2-140-12St Finbarrs Douglas 30/03/201412:00Round 5
Newcestown 0-61-11O Donovan Rossa Newcestown 30/03/201412:00Round 5
Ilen Rovers 1-90-9Carbery Rangers Ilen Rovers30/03/201415:00Round 4
Carbery Rangers 1-102-7Naomh Aban Rosscarbery 04/04/201418:45Round 5
Castlehaven 0-120-6Douglas Castlehaven05/04/201419:00Round 3
Bishopstown 6-122-12Naomh Aban Bishopstown 13/04/201414:00Round 6
Clonakilty 0-70-11Douglas Clonakilty 13/04/201414:00Round 6
Ilen Rovers 2-81-11Newcestown Ilen Rovers13/04/201415:00Round 6
Nemo Rangers 1-80-14St Finbarrs Nemo Rangers15/04/201419:00Round 6
O Donovan Rossa 0-131-10Castlehaven O Donovan Rossa 15/04/201419:00Round 6
Aghada 1-111-11Douglas Aghada (Rostellen)15/04/201419:15Round 2
St Finbarrs 2-121-14Castlehaven Castlehaven19/04/201414:30Round 7
O Donovan Rossa 3-121-10Ilen Rovers O Donovan Rossa 20/04/201413:00Round 7
Newcestown 0-160-6Naomh Aban Newcestown 20/04/201414:00Round 7
Bishopstown 1-140-15Aghada Bishopstown 22/04/201419:00Round 7
Aghada 0-62-14Castlehaven Aghada (Rostellen)26/04/201416:00Round 1
Douglas 1-91-12Carbery Rangers Ballygarvan27/04/201415:00Round 7
Naomh Aban 0-141-12Clonakilty Ballyvourney02/05/201419:30Round 4
Newcestown 0-60-9Douglas Ballygarvan04/05/201415:00Round 9 Champ
Carbery Rangers 5-170-3Aghada Pairc Ui Rinn 11/05/201416:15Round 6 Champ
Ilen Rovers 3-180-7Naomh Aban Ilen Rovers18/05/201412:00Round 9
Castlehaven 1-74-11Ilen Rovers Castlehaven26/05/201420:00Round 8
Aghada 2-61-15Newcestown Brinny 02/06/201418:00Round 8
O Donovan Rossa 0-131-10Aghada Brinny 07/06/201419:00Round 9 Champ
Nemo Rangers 1-181-10Clonakilty Nemo Rangers13/06/201420:00Round 7
Clonakilty 1-42-12Carbery Rangers Clonakilty 20/06/201420:00Round 10
Carbery Rangers 1-90-10Nemo Rangers Rosscarbery 27/06/201419:30Round 8
Bishopstown 3-201-9Clonakilty Bishopstown 28/06/201419:300
Aghada 1-102-18Ilen Rovers Carrigtwohill 03/07/201420:00Round 10
Douglas 1-122-9Bishopstown Douglas 08/07/201419:45Round 8
Naomh Aban 0-104-10O Donovan Rossa Ballyvourney11/07/201420:00Round 8
Newcestown 3-71-10St Finbarrs Newcestown 13/07/201411:30Round 11
Ilen Rovers 1-164-11Bishopstown Cloughduv 24/07/201420:00Round 5
Carbery Rangers 2-171-6Bishopstown Rosscarbery 27/07/201412:00Round 1
St Finbarrs 0-100-18Clonakilty Togher 30/07/201419:30Round 8
Naomh Aban 2-91-14Aghada Ballyvourney01/08/201419:30Round 11
Aghada 1-30-10Clonakilty Pairc Ui Rinn 09/08/201420:00Round 5 Champ
St Finbarrs 0-90-11Bishopstown Pairc Ui Rinn 09/08/201420:00Round 10 Champ
Douglas 1-61-14O Donovan Rossa Douglas 24/08/201418:30Round 10 Champ
Castlehaven 1-11-11Carbery Rangers Clonakilty 30/08/201418:15Round 11 Champ
O Donovan Rossa 1-81-13Nemo Rangers Dunmanway 06/09/201418:00Round 11 (Champ)
Nemo Rangers --Newcestown Nemo Rangers29/09/201420:00Conceded by Newcestown
Carbery Rangers --St Finbarrs Rosscarbery 30/09/201400:00Void
Clonakilty 1-131-8Castlehaven Clonakilty 30/09/201420:00Round 9
Ilen Rovers --Douglas Ilen Rovers05/10/201400:00Conceded by Douglas
Naomh Aban --Castlehaven Ballyvourney05/10/201412:00Conceded by Castlehaven
Bishopstown --Nemo Rangers Nemo RangersTBCNot Played
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