League Table RedFM Senior Hurling League

Courcey Rovers159242942702420
Na Piarsaigh158253072782918
Erins Own15716245240515
Glen Rovers14716294304-1015
St Finbarrs15419224266-429
Bride Rovers15418191270-799

NB: Final positions are determined according to County League Regulation 4(d) and Rules 6.36/6.20 O.G. Top two teams qualify for semi-finals; next four qualify for quarter-finals. League cut-off date: October 6th.

Bishopstown 1-100-11Blackrock Cloughduv 08/03/201320:30Round 1
Sarsfields 3-203-6St Finbarrs Riverstown 09/03/201315:00Round 1
Courcey Rovers 0-130-10Ballymartle Ballinspittle 09/03/201316:00Round 1
Killeagh 1-140-17Midleton Killeagh 09/03/201319:00Round 1
Na Piarsaigh 1-122-8Newtownshandrum Na Piarsaigh 10/03/201315:00Round 1
Blackrock 0-190-9Courcey Rovers Cloughduv 15/03/201320:00Round 2
Douglas 2-151-5Bride Rovers Douglas 16/03/201315:00Round 2
St Finbarrs 0-112-15Na Piarsaigh Togher 16/03/201315:00Round 2
Newtownshandrum 0-150-11Killeagh Newtownshandrum16/03/201317:00Round 2
Glen Rovers 1-150-19Ballinhassig Glen Rovers 17/03/201312:00Round 2
Ballymartle 1-141-11Sarsfields Ballymartle 23/03/201316:00Round 2
Ballinhassig 2-82-9Killeagh Ballinhassig 24/03/201312:00Round 7
Midleton 2-102-14Erins Own Midleton 24/03/201315:00Round 2
Ballymartle 4-81-13Blackrock Ballymartle 30/03/201312:45Round 3
Sarsfields 2-160-18Na Piarsaigh Riverstown 30/03/201316:00Round 3
Erins Own 3-121-10Newtownshandrum Caherlag 31/03/201311:30Round 3
Bishopstown 3-42-10Douglas Bishopstown 01/04/201312:00Round 3
Ballinhassig 0-91-11Midleton Ballinhassig 01/04/201315:00Round 3
Courcey Rovers 1-140-11Carrigtwohill Ballinspittle 01/04/201315:00Round 3
Killeagh 1-52-13St Finbarrs Killeagh 03/04/201319:15Round 3
Na Piarsaigh 1-143-12Carrigtwohill Na Piarsaigh 05/04/201319:15Round 12
Ballymartle 1-101-13Killeagh Ballymartle 06/04/201317:00Round 11
Blackrock 1-170-19Sarsfields Riverstown 06/04/201317:00Round 4
Douglas 1-112-15Courcey Rovers Douglas 06/04/201317:30Round 4
St Finbarrs 1-82-14Erins Own Togher 07/04/201311:00Round 4
Glen Rovers 3-102-10Bishopstown Glen Rovers 07/04/201318:00Round 4
Midleton 2-132-1Bride Rovers Midleton 07/04/201318:00Round 4
Na Piarsaigh 2-202-9Killeagh Na Piarsaigh 11/04/201319:30Round 4
Midleton 3-132-19Sarsfields Midleton 13/04/201317:00Round 12
Bride Rovers 0-160-14Glen Rovers Rathcormac 19/04/201319:00Round 3
Douglas 0-161-9Blackrock Church Rd 20/04/201315:30Round 6
Newtownshandrum 0-151-22Sarsfields Newtownshandrum20/04/201317:00Round 14
Carrigtwohill 3-142-16Ballymartle Carrigtwohill 22/04/201319:30Round 4
Erins Own 2-203-10Ballinhassig Caherlag 23/04/201319:15Round 8
Sarsfields 1-170-14Erins Own Riverstown 27/04/201319:00Round 7
Ballymartle 4-191-18Ballinhassig Ballymartle 02/05/201319:15Round 13
Carrigtwohill 1-121-13Midleton Carrigtwohill 05/05/201318:30Round 9
Newtownshandrum 1-150-17Ballinhassig Newtownshandrum06/05/201315:30Round 4
Blackrock 3-161-11Bride Rovers Church Rd 09/05/201319:00Round 15
Ballinhassig 1-101-17Courcey Rovers Ballinhassig 11/05/201319:00Round 12
Ballymartle 2-151-13Douglas Ballymartle 12/05/201312:00Round 5
Erins Own 1-71-13Bishopstown Caherlag 13/05/201319:30Round 10
Killeagh 1-132-10Douglas Killeagh 14/05/201319:30Round 14
Newtownshandrum 0-140-12Carrigtwohill Kilworth14/05/201319:30Round 10
Courcey Rovers 3-151-21Glen Rovers Ballinspittle 16/05/201319:30Round 5
Ballymartle 0-160-11St Finbarrs Ballymartle 19/05/201311:00Round 9
Bishopstown 3-154-18Midleton Carrigtwohill 19/05/201312:00Round 5
Newtownshandrum 2-223-18Glen Rovers Newtownshandrum19/05/201313:00Round 12
Killeagh 5-121-17Erins Own Midleton 19/05/201319:00Round 6
Douglas 2-144-14Sarsfields Douglas 21/05/201319:30Round 8
Ballymartle 4-120-9Bishopstown Ballymartle 23/05/201319:30Round 15
St Finbarrs 1-142-15Courcey Rovers Togher 23/05/201319:30Round 8
Glen Rovers 3-162-11Carrigtwohill Glen Rovers 25/05/201317:00Round 8
Erins Own 1-131-13Na Piarsaigh Pairc Ui Rinn 01/06/201318:00Round 5 Champ
Killeagh 1-160-20Blackrock Midleton 01/06/201319:30Round 12 Champ
Sarsfields 2-141-15Ballinhassig Pairc Ui Rinn 01/06/201319:45Round 9 Champ
Bishopstown 2-131-15Courcey Rovers Riverstick 02/06/201315:30Round 14 Champ
Midleton 1-171-13Douglas Carrigtwohill 02/06/201316:00Round 10 Champ
Newtownshandrum 2-181-21Ballymartle Kilworth02/06/201318:30Round 8 Champ
Glen Rovers 3-182-15St Finbarrs Pairc Ui Chaoimh 02/06/201319:30Round 13 Champ
Bride Rovers 1-130-19Carrigtwohill Ballynoe 02/06/201320:00Round 1 Champ
Carrigtwohill 1-192-12St Finbarrs Carrigtwohill 12/06/201319:30Round 11
Blackrock 0-213-12Carrigtwohill Church Rd 18/06/201319:45Round 5
Courcey Rovers 2-242-16Na Piarsaigh Ballinspittle 20/06/201319:30Round 9
Bride Rovers 1-143-20Ballymartle Rathcormac 21/06/201319:30Round 14
Midleton 2-180-14Na Piarsaigh Midleton 25/06/201319:30Round 15
Blackrock 0-163-10Newtownshandrum Church Rd 29/06/201317:00Round 9
Douglas 1-82-21Na Piarsaigh Douglas 29/06/201319:30Round 13
Sarsfields 1-201-17Bishopstown Riverstown 29/06/201319:30Round 13
Killeagh 2-112-14Courcey Rovers Pairc Ui Rinn 29/06/201320:00Round 10 Champ
Ballinhassig 0-111-14Bride Rovers Pairc Ui Chaoimh 30/06/201314:30Round 10 Champ
Erins Own 0-160-11Ballymartle Pairc Ui Chaoimh 30/06/201316:15Round 12 Champ
Blackrock 1-171-19Glen Rovers Church Rd 02/07/201319:30Round 7
Douglas 2-81-14Newtownshandrum Douglas 10/07/201319:45Round 11
Bishopstown 1-131-19Killeagh Bishopstown 12/07/201319:30Round 9
Bride Rovers 0-151-18Na Piarsaigh Na Piarsaigh 12/07/201319:30Round 7
St Finbarrs 1-102-16Douglas Cloughduv 18/07/201319:30Round 12 Champ
Ballymartle 3-142-15Midleton Ballymartle 19/07/201319:30Round 7
Courcey Rovers 3-141-17Sarsfields Ballinspittle 20/07/201315:00Round 15
Killeagh 2-142-17Bride Rovers Killeagh 21/07/201319:00Round 8
St Finbarrs 1-111-11Midleton Togher 24/07/201319:30Round 14
Glen Rovers 2-172-16Killeagh Glen Rovers 24/07/201319:45Round 15
Na Piarsaigh 1-211-16Ballinhassig Na Piarsaigh 25/07/201319:30Round 6
Bride Rovers 1-104-13Bishopstown Rathcormac 26/07/201319:30Round 12
Newtownshandrum 1-160-18St Finbarrs Newtownshandrum27/07/201312:00Round 15
Midleton 2-140-18Blackrock Midleton 30/07/201319:30Round 8
Glen Rovers 1-112-19Sarsfields Glen Rovers 03/08/201317:00Round 10
Bride Rovers 2-180-18Newtownshandrum Rathcormac 03/08/201318:00Round 5
Ballinhassig 1-182-18Blackrock Ballinhassig 05/08/201317:00Round 14
Bishopstown 1-112-13St Finbarrs Bishopstown 10/08/201312:00Round 7
Glen Rovers 1-191-17Ballymartle Glen Rovers 10/08/201317:00Round 6
Carrigtwohill 1-160-16Ballinhassig Carrigtwohill 18/08/201311:30Round 15
Erins Own 0-183-15Glen Rovers Pairc Ui Chaoimh 18/08/201316:15Round 1 Champ
St Finbarrs 1-181-15Blackrock Togher 25/08/201311:00Round 10
Bishopstown 0-112-11Ballinhassig Bishopstown 25/08/201311:45Round 11
Douglas 2-71-16Erins Own Douglas 27/08/201319:00Round 15
Carrigtwohill 3-172-12Killeagh Carrigtwohill 27/08/201319:30Round 13
Na Piarsaigh 1-211-15Ballymartle Na Piarsaigh 29/08/201319:15Round 10
Midleton 1-171-10Newtownshandrum Midleton 30/08/201319:15Round 13
Erins Own 0-82-13Carrigtwohill Carrigtwohill 03/09/201319:30Round 14
Midleton 4-141-11Courcey Rovers Killeagh 04/09/201320:00Round 6
Douglas 5-211-15Glen Rovers Glen Rovers 10/09/201319:30Round 9
Courcey Rovers 2-162-18Newtownshandrum Ballinspittle 15/09/201314:00Round 7
Carrigtwohill 0-141-16Douglas Carrigtwohill 17/09/201319:30Round 7
Sarsfields 1-270-3Bride Rovers Riverstown 17/09/201320:00Round 11
Na Piarsaigh 1-142-16Bishopstown Na Piarsaigh 19/09/201319:30Round 8
Ballinhassig 0-151-13St Finbarrs Pairc Ui Rinn 21/09/201316:00Round 5 (Champ)
Carrigtwohill 1-151-19Sarsfields Carrigtwohill 21/09/201317:00Round 6
Courcey Rovers 1-211-13Erins Own Ballinspittle 22/09/201312:00Round 11
Blackrock 1-203-14Na Piarsaigh Na Piarsaigh 26/09/201319:30Round 11
Newtownshandrum 1-192-14Bishopstown Mallow 27/09/201319:30Round 6
Bride Rovers --Erins Own Riverstown 01/10/201300:00Void
St Finbarrs --Bride Rovers Togher 03/10/201319:00Void
Na Piarsaigh 2-160-17Glen Rovers Pairc Ui Chaoimh 05/10/201316:15Round 14 Championship
Courcey Rovers 2-120-18Bride Rovers Rathcormac 05/10/201316:30Round 13
Blackrock 0-113-12Erins Own Church Rd 06/10/201312:00Round 13
Carrigtwohill 4-123-17Bishopstown Pairc Ui Chaoimh 06/10/201316:00Round 2 Champ
Ballinhassig --Douglas Ballinhassig TBC
Glen Rovers --Midleton Glen Rovers TBC
Sarsfields --Killeagh Riverstown TBC
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