League Table Junior A Hurling League Group 3

St James41022751-242

NB: Final positions are determined according to County League Regulation 4 and Rules 6.37/6.21 O.G. Top team from each group qualifies automatically for semi-finals. League cut-off date: August 26th

Newmarket 3-201-11Blarney Newmarket 19/04/201819:15Round 1
Blarney 0-170-14St James Blarney 07/05/201819:30Round 2
Blarney 1-191-20Lisgoold Blarney 26/06/201820:00Round 3
Lisgoold 3-201-16Newmarket Lisgoold 30/06/201819:15Round 2
St James --Dromina Ardfield 01/07/201800:00Conceded by Dromina
Newmarket 3-212-13Dromina Newmarket 03/07/201820:00Round 4
Dromina 0-162-19Lisgoold Dromina 21/07/201819:30Round 1
Lisgoold 2-281-10St James Lisgoold 25/07/201820:00Round 4
Dromina --Blarney Dromina 25/08/201818:00Conceded by Blarney
St James --Newmarket Ardfield 27/08/201800:00Void match
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