League Table Division 2 Hurling League

Valley Rovers84221821265610
Eire Og8206101133-324

NB: Final positions are determined according to County League Regulation 4 and Rules 6.37/6.21 O.G. Top two teams qualify for final with the winner promoted, while the bottom 2 are relegated. Where two teams finish with equal points – the outcome of the meeting between the two teams determines the finishing position. League cut-off date: August 26th.

Tracton 1-141-11Dungourney Minane Bridge 11/03/201812:00Round 1
Eire Og 0-70-12Valley Rovers Ovens13/03/201819:30Round 1
Ballincollig 0-132-11Dungourney Ballincollig 17/03/201812:00Round 2
Inniscarra 0-80-9Tracton Minane Bridge 18/03/201812:00Round 2
Aghada 1-110-16Meelin Aghada (Rostellen)19/03/201812:00Round 2
Valley Rovers 0-140-14Carrigaline Brinny 19/03/201816:00Round 2
Eire Og 1-152-11Tracton Ovens25/03/201812:00Round 3
Carrigaline 2-153-12Ballincollig Carrigaline 25/03/201813:00Round 3
Meelin 0-151-18Valley Rovers Meelin 25/03/201814:30Round 3
Carrigaline 2-203-14Inniscarra Carrigaline 29/03/201819:30Round 4
Tracton 0-101-8Aghada Minane Bridge 18/04/201819:15Round 6
Meelin 2-190-14Eire Og Meelin 19/04/201819:15Round 4
Eire Og 1-122-12Ballincollig Ovens22/04/201814:30Round 5
Tracton 0-160-16Carrigaline Minane Bridge 22/04/201814:30Round 5
Valley Rovers 6-231-10Aghada Brinny 22/04/201815:00Round 8
Meelin 1-212-14Ballincollig TBC13/05/201814:00Round 9 & Cship
Carrigaline 3-191-21Meelin Carrigaline 17/05/201820:00Round 6
Ballincollig 2-160-20Valley Rovers Ballincollig 20/05/201811:30Round 6
Tracton 2-212-13Meelin Minane Bridge 01/06/201820:00Round 7
Dungourney 1-212-18Valley Rovers Dungourney 02/06/201815:45Round 7
Eire Og 0-172-16Inniscarra Ovens05/06/201819:30Round 6
Inniscarra 1-90-12Aghada Ballyanley 09/06/201818:00Round 5
Aghada 0-132-8Eire Og Aghada (Rostellen)13/06/201819:45Round 9
Ballincollig 0-201-17Tracton Ballincollig 16/06/201819:30Round 8
Dungourney 5-232-15Carrigaline Dungourney 30/06/201817:00Round 9
Inniscarra 0-191-15Valley Rovers Inniscarra30/06/201819:00Round 9
Inniscarra 1-120-20Ballincollig Ballyanley 07/07/201819:30Round 1
Eire Og 2-100-26Dungourney Ovens08/07/201812:00Round 8
Valley Rovers 4-200-12Tracton Brinny 14/07/201819:30Round 4
Aghada 1-232-11Dungourney Aghada (Rostellen)22/07/201817:00Round 4
Aghada 0-121-10Ballincollig Aghada (Rostellen)26/07/201819:30Round 7
Meelin 1-141-14Inniscarra Meelin 15/08/201819:30Round 8
Dungourney 0-91-16Inniscarra Dungourney 18/08/201819:00Round 3
Dungourney --Meelin Dungourney 20/08/201819:15Conceded by Meelin
Carrigaline --Eire Og Carrigaline 21/08/201819:30Conceded by Eire Og
Carrigaline 4-201-14Aghada Carrigaline 23/08/201819:15Round 1
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