League Table Division 2 Football League

St Michaels106311531193415
Eire Og10613114112213
Clyda Rovers1031513813177
Ilen Rovers10127128191-634

NB: Final positions are determined according to County League Regulation 4 and Rules 6.37/6.21 O.G. Top two teams are promoted and qualify for final, while the bottom 2 are relegated. League cut-off date: August 26th.

Kiskeam 5-61-9Clyda Rovers Mourne Abbey 04/02/201813:00Round 1
Aghabullogue 1-92-13Newmarket Coachford 04/02/201814:30Round 1
Newcestown 1-162-5Douglas Newcestown 04/02/201814:30Round 1
Douglas 0-31-15St Michaels Douglas 11/02/201814:30Round 2
Newcestown 0-112-5Castlehaven Newcestown 18/02/201812:00Round 3
Aghabullogue 3-101-14Douglas Douglas 18/02/201814:30Round 3
Kiskeam 1-110-10Ilen Rovers Kiskeam 18/02/201814:30Round 3
Eire Og 1-70-9Newmarket Ovens18/02/201815:00Round 3
Clyda Rovers 0-112-9Eire Og Clyda Rovers22/02/201820:15Round 2
Douglas 1-71-8Kiskeam Douglas 11/03/201814:30Round 4
Castlehaven 1-111-10St Michaels Cloughduv 13/03/201820:15Round 4
Kiskeam 1-141-5Kanturk Kiskeam 25/03/201812:30Round 5
Ilen Rovers 1-80-12Aghabullogue Rath25/03/201813:30Round 2
Clyda Rovers 2-121-10Aghabullogue Clyda Rovers28/03/201820:15Round 11
Eire Og 0-121-7Douglas Ovens29/03/201819:30Round 5
St Michaels 2-164-10Newcestown St Michaels31/03/201817:30Round 5
Ilen Rovers 0-81-16Newcestown Newcestown 06/04/201819:00Round 11
Kanturk 3-81-12Eire Og Ovens06/04/201819:30Round 6
Clyda Rovers 6-153-7Kanturk Clyda Rovers04/05/201820:15Round 7
Kiskeam --Newcestown Kiskeam 13/05/201811:30Conceded by Newcestown
Newmarket 2-122-11Douglas Newmarket 13/05/201812:00Round 7
Clyda Rovers 1-101-10Ilen Rovers Clyda Rovers13/05/201814:00Round 5
St Michaels 2-201-8Kanturk St Michaels14/05/201819:40Round 3
Eire Og 0-140-12Castlehaven Ovens22/05/201820:00Round 7
St Michaels 2-154-9Kiskeam St Michaels25/05/201819:45Round 8
Kanturk --Newmarket Kanturk 25/05/201820:00Conceded by Kanturk
Newcestown 0-141-12Eire Og Newcestown 25/05/201820:00Round 8
Clyda Rovers 0-110-14Newcestown Clyda Rovers09/06/201819:30Round 9
Kiskeam 2-112-9Aghabullogue Kiskeam 10/06/201812:00Round 9
Eire Og --St Michaels Ovens10/06/201814:30Conceded by Eire Og
Newmarket 0-144-13Castlehaven Newmarket 10/06/201814:30Round 9
Ilen Rovers 1-152-12Eire Og Ilen Rovers16/06/201816:15Round 4
St Michaels 2-141-13Ilen Rovers St Michaels23/06/201815:00Round 1
Douglas 0-61-11Clyda Rovers Douglas 30/06/201819:00Round 6
Aghabullogue 1-161-14Castlehaven Coachford 05/07/201820:00Round 5
Newmarket 1-170-14Clyda Rovers Newmarket 05/07/201820:00Round 4
Eire Og 0-154-9Kiskeam Ovens06/07/201819:45Round 11
Kanturk --Aghabullogue Kanturk 08/07/201812:00Conceded by Kanturk
Newmarket 2-143-11St Michaels Newmarket 08/07/201814:00Round 11
Kanturk 2-90-7Newcestown Kanturk 20/07/201820:00Round 2
Douglas 3-133-10Ilen Rovers Douglas 22/07/201813:00Round 8
Ilen Rovers 2-101-12Newmarket Ilen Rovers28/07/201819:30Round 6
Newcestown 1-91-7Aghabullogue Newcestown 02/08/201819:45Round 6
Aghabullogue --St Michaels Coachford 05/08/201814:30Conceded by Aghabullogue
Douglas 4-92-13Castlehaven Douglas 17/08/201819:30Round 11
St Michaels 0-131-9Clyda Rovers St Michaels18/08/201818:30Round 10
Castlehaven 5-190-6Ilen Rovers Castlehaven19/08/201812:00Round 10
Kanturk 2-131-12Douglas Kanturk 21/08/201819:30Round 10
Newmarket 1-150-10Kiskeam Newmarket 21/08/201819:30Round 2
Castlehaven --Kanturk Castlehaven24/08/201820:00Conceded by Kanturk
Aghabullogue --Eire Og Coachford 26/08/201800:00Conceded by Aghabullogue
Newcestown --Newmarket Newcestown 26/08/201800:00Conceded by Newcestown
Castlehaven 2-130-5Kiskeam Castlehaven26/08/201812:00Round 6
Ilen Rovers 2-53-15Kanturk Rath26/08/201813:00Round 9
Castlehaven --Clyda Rovers Castlehaven27/08/201800:00Void match
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