League Table Junior A Hurling League Group 2

Lisgoold 540111480348
Dromina 44008059218
Kilbree 5311757057
Ballinora 511393108-153
Nemo Rangers 31025152-12
Liscarroll/Churchtown Gaels 31021219-72
Tracton 41034975-262
Millstreet 30032940-110

• Top team from each group qualifies automatically for semi-finals, along with the best runner-up (highest points) across all three groups. Where there is a tie, a draw will determine the best-placed runner up.

Millstreet 1-101-17Lisgoold Millstreet12/03/201714:00Round 1
Dromina 1-162-6Liscarroll/Churchtown Gaels Dromina 17/03/201709:30Round 1
Kilbree 1-131-4Tracton Minane Bridge 17/03/201711:30Round 1
Tracton 0-101-17Nemo Rangers Minane Bridge 05/04/201718:45Round 2
Millstreet 2-103-11Dromina Millstreet07/04/201719:00Round 3
Ballinora 0-151-17Dromina Ballinora15/04/201719:00Round 5
Lisgoold 2-243-10Ballinora Lisgoold 22/04/201718:45Round 2
Dromina 5-62-10Kilbree Dromina 30/04/201712:30Round 2
Ballinora 2-140-18Nemo Rangers Ballinora06/05/201719:00Round 1
Kilbree --Liscarroll/Churchtown Gaels Rossmore 20/05/201700:00Conceded by Liscarroll/Churchtown Gaels
Ballinora 3-112-15Tracton Ballinora25/05/201719:45Round 3
Nemo Rangers 0-131-19Lisgoold Nemo Rangers28/05/201711:30Round 3
Tracton 0-111-16Lisgoold Minane Bridge 23/06/201719:45Round 4
Kilbree 1-160-19Ballinora Rossmore 24/06/201719:30Round 6
Liscarroll/Churchtown Gaels --Millstreet Liscarroll28/06/201720:00Conceded by Millstreet
Lisgoold 2-175-9Kilbree Carrigtwohill 01/07/201719:30Round 5
Dromina --Nemo Rangers Dromina 29/07/201719:00Round 4
Millstreet --Tracton Millstreet30/07/201700:00Round 5
Kilbree --Millstreet Rossmore 05/08/201719:00Round 4
Liscarroll/Churchtown Gaels --Ballinora Churchtown 06/08/201720:00Round 4
Ballinora --Millstreet Ballinora12/08/201718:30Round 7
Nemo Rangers --Liscarroll/Churchtown Gaels Nemo Rangers12/08/201719:00Round 5
Dromina --Lisgoold Dromina 27/08/201700:00Round 6
Liscarroll/Churchtown Gaels --Tracton TBC27/08/201700:00Round 6
Millstreet --Nemo Rangers Millstreet27/08/201700:00Round 6
Lisgoold --Liscarroll/Churchtown Gaels Lisgoold 24/09/201700:00Round 7
Nemo Rangers --Kilbree Nemo Rangers24/09/201700:00Round 7
Tracton --Dromina Minane Bridge 24/09/201700:00Round 7
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