League Table Junior A Hurling League Group 1

Cloughduv 6600124586612
Cobh 75021471133410
Shanballymore 7403130100308
Ballygiblin 54011019568
Killeagh 7214113119-65
Blarney 62138995-65
Ballinhassig 610595145-502
Kilbrittain 600677151-740

• Top team from each group qualifies automatically for semi-finals, along with the best runner-up (highest points) across all three groups. Where there is a tie, a draw will determine the best-placed runner up.

Killeagh 5-102-3Ballinhassig Killeagh 14/03/201719:45Round 1
Blarney 0-101-16Cloughduv Blarney 26/03/201712:00Round 1
Kilbrittain 0-91-18Cobh Kilbrittain 26/03/201712:00Round 1
Shanballymore 0-131-9Kilbrittain Shanballymore 15/04/201718:30Round 2
Cloughduv 0-170-6Killeagh Cloughduv 18/04/201720:00Round 7
Ballygiblin 3-160-17Shanballymore Ballygiblin 25/04/201719:15Round 1
Ballygiblin 1-201-12Killeagh Ballygiblin 01/05/201712:00Round 2
Cobh 2-130-11Blarney Cobh 02/05/201719:30Round 2
Kilbrittain 1-142-14Ballygiblin Kilbrittain 06/05/201719:30Round 3
Ballinhassig 0-103-24Cloughduv Ballinhassig 20/05/201718:00Round 2
Blarney 2-110-10Ballinhassig Blarney 03/06/201719:00Round 3
Killeagh 0-114-17Shanballymore Killeagh 11/06/201712:00Round 3
Shanballymore 1-200-11Blarney Shanballymore 14/06/201719:45Round 4
Killeagh 3-240-5Kilbrittain Killeagh 25/06/201717:00Round 4
Ballinhassig 2-141-21Cobh Ballinhassig 03/07/201720:00Round 4
Ballygiblin 3-142-14Cobh Ballygiblin 08/07/201718:00Round 6
Shanballymore 4-182-8Ballinhassig Shanballymore 17/07/201720:00Round 6
Cobh 2-161-6Killeagh Cobh 22/07/201719:00Round 5
Kilbrittain 4-64-20Cloughduv Kilbrittain 23/07/201711:30Round 6
Kilbrittain 1-136-14Ballinhassig Kilbrittain 29/07/201719:30Round 5
Cloughduv 1-201-11Cobh Cloughduv 06/08/201712:00Round 3
Cobh 3-180-18Shanballymore Cobh 11/08/201720:00Round 7
Blarney 3-170-10Ballygiblin Blarney 05/09/201719:00Round 5
Killeagh 0-141-11Blarney Killeagh 10/09/201711:30Round 6
Cloughduv --Shanballymore Cloughduv 23/09/201717:00Conceded by Shanballymore
Blarney --Kilbrittain Blarney 01/10/201700:00Round 7
Ballygiblin --Cloughduv Ballygiblin 01/10/201712:00Round 4
Ballinhassig --Ballygiblin Ballinhassig TBCRound 7 Void
-- 01:00
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