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What is Gaelic4Teens?

Gaelic4Teens is a participation based initiative run over 8 weeks aimed at increasing the retention rate of teenage girls aged 15-17 years in clubs.   It is essential to create a clear player pathway in every club and it is vital that all clubs invest time in recruiting and retaining teenage girls in their structures.  Through the Gaelic4Teens initiative clubs are provided with a new and fun avenue to retain these players usually subject to an increased level of dropout.


What are the aims of the Gaelic4Teens Programme?

  • To increase the retention rates of teenage girls playing Ladies Gaelic football in a club
  • To provide a unique programme of Ladies Gaelic Football activities to attract girls aged 15-17 years
  • To educate coaches in relation to the needs and interests of teenage girls in sport
  • To develop athletic and social skills for girls in a safe and nurturing environment

What are the benefits of running Gaelic4Teens in your Club?

  • FREE training will be provided to the Coaches and Co-ordinator in your Club
  • Resources will be provided to your Club to market and advertise the Programme
  • Coaching structures across the teams of this age group in your club will be improved
  • Access to Gaelic4Teens Ambassadors
  • Club will be invited to attend National Gaelic4Teens Day

What clubs may apply for the programme?

Any club interested in putting emphasis on this age group, 15-17 years, and enthusiastic about ensuring the correct structures are in place in their club to recruit and retain these players.

What does the Gaelic4Teens programme entail for your Club if your application is successful?

  • Each club must identify a minimum of 3 coaches and 1 co-ordinator. One of these coaches must be involved with the Under 16 club team for the coming year while another must be involved with the U18 team for the coming year
  • These coaches and co-ordinator must attend the three National training dates and this training is only provided to successful clubs
  • The club must be open to improving their structures, altering their coaching styles and welcoming all new players
  • The programme involves 3 training days covering various topics that will assist the club coaches to ensure their coaching styles are the required styles to retain this 15-17 years age group and will also provide theory to ensure coaches can provide the adequate support
  • The coaches will have to roll out specific Gaelic4Teens sessions, which will be provided, between training days
  • Your club will be invited to attend the National Gaelic4Teens Day
  • The programme is free but commitment is essential

The next steps:

Step 1:

Applications will open again in November 2019 and clubs will then be asked to complete the application form and forward by to LGFA

Step 2:

The National Development Team will contact all applicants via e-mail to announce the successful clubs

Step 3:

Your club coaches and coordinator must attend training dates that will be provided

Step 4:

All clubs must commit to working on improving their structures with teenage girls and running the specified sessions

Who are the Gaelic4Teens Ambassadors?

We are delighted to have some of our top LGFA stars as ambassadors to share expertise from their area. These are:

  • Cora Staunton (Mayo) – Skill Development
  • Cliodhna O’Connor (Dublin) – Physical Fitness
  • Orlagh Farmer (Cork) – Lifestyle Planning
  • Sharon Courtney (Monaghan) – Nutrition & Hydration


Below is a short clip to show how this programme has assisted the 10 pilot clubs in 2017:

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