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Joe   Johnson


Name: Joseph Johnson.

Nickname: Ginge

Age: 30

Favourite  Position (playing hurling): Half Back                                                      

Club: Buttevant

High point in sporting career: Captaining U12s to North Cork hurling championship in 1996 and                                                               winning the Premier Junior Hurling Championship in 2010. 

Favourite food: Apache Pizza  

Favourite Tv program: Love/Hate 

Favourite Film: Super Bad

Favourite Cartoon as a kid: Rugrats

When You Were Growing Up What Did You Want To Be? A Farmer 

In the movie of my life i would be played by: Denzel Washington or Will Smith (both the spitting image                                                                                          of me so its too close to call)

Stranded On An Island, What Are Your 3 Essential Items? Hurley, Helmet and Sliotar 

Stranded On An Island, Who Would You Most Like To Keep You Company? Sinead.... 

What do you normally eat for Breakfast: Coffee and a slice of brown bread.

Socks up or down: Down.....!!! 

Fav venue: Castletownroche or Dromina

Toughest opponent: Donal Cronin from the Glen. I had the height, he had the speed.... Speed won !! 

Biggest messer on team: Paul Sheedy - that will all change next April tho..... Hi Sarah

Player who looks after themselves: David "I live in suits" Coffey... or ....Darren "I get my football socks                                                                     ironed" Quinn  

Hobby: Adventure Racing

Couldn't live without: All my family and Friends :-)

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