League Table Under 13 Division 4

Naomh Maur1111004254138422
Erin Go Bragh119022206115918
Whitehall Colmcille11803133646916
St Vincents B11713113734015
Kilmacud Crokes B117041961088814
Ballyboden St Endas B1150640120-8010
St Johns B1140771136-658
Faughs/Celtic B1131730125-957
O Dwyers1130836211-1756
Cuala B112093697-614

Under 13 Division 4
10:00Cuala B-vs-St Vincents BConceded by Cuala BMore
10:00Faughs/Celtic B1-0vs15-6Naomh Maur home team must contact refereeMore
10:00Kilmacud Crokes B3-1vs2-1C.B.C Round 1More
10:00O Dwyers 0-0vs20-2Whitehall Colmcille Round 1More
10:00St Johns B4-1vs1-0Kilcoole Round 1More
10:00Ballyboden St Endas B5-1vs1-2O Dwyers Round 2More
10:00C.B.C -vs-Faughs/Celtic BConceded by C.B.CMore
10:00Kilmacud Crokes B17-2vs0-0Kilcoole Round 2More
10:00Naomh Maur 15-2vs0-0Cuala BRound 2..contact philip at 0861051045More
10:00St Vincents B7-0vs4-1Erin Go Bragh Round 2More
10:00Whitehall Colmcille -vs-St Johns BConceded by St Johns BMore
10:00Ballyboden St Endas B-vs-St Vincents BConceded by St Vincents BMore
10:00Cuala B2-0vs4-2C.B.C Round 3More
10:00Erin Go Bragh 4-0vs6-4Naomh Maur Round 3More
10:00Kilmacud Crokes B0-2vs5-2Whitehall Colmcille Round 3More
10:00O Dwyers 1-3vs1-0St Johns BRound 3More
10:00C.B.C 0-1vs9-1Erin Go Bragh Round 4More
10:00Cuala B5-3vs1-0Kilcoole Round 4More
10:00Naomh Maur 19-4vs0-0Ballyboden St Endas BRound 4/eve keogh to refMore
10:00St Johns B3-0vs6-1Kilmacud Crokes BRound 4More
10:00St Vincents B7-0vs1-0O Dwyers Round 4More
10:00Whitehall Colmcille 2-0vs1-1Faughs/Celtic BRound 4More
10:00Ballyboden St Endas B2-2vs0-0C.B.C Round 5More
10:00Cuala B-vs-Whitehall Colmcille Conceded by Cuala BMore
10:00Erin Go Bragh 8-3vs0-0Kilcoole Round 5More
10:00O Dwyers 1-1vs8-1Kilmacud Crokes BRound 5More
10:00Ballyboden St Endas B1-0vs2-0Kilcoole Round 6More
10:00C.B.C 2-2vs3-1St Vincents BRound 6/ use this number to contact sadhbh byrne ref 0877405254More
10:00Kilmacud Crokes B10-2vs2-0Faughs/Celtic BRound 6More
10:00Naomh Maur 9-5vs0-1O Dwyers Round 6/ new ref is Johathan Fay.More
10:00St Johns B3-1vs2-0Cuala BRound 6More
10:00Ballyboden St Endas B0-0vs1-1Whitehall Colmcille Round 7More
10:00Naomh Maur 16-3vs0-0C.B.C Round 7More
10:00O Dwyers -vs-Faughs/Celtic BConceded by O DwyersMore
10:00St Vincents B5-2vs0-0Kilcoole use this number to contact sadhbh byrne ref 0877405254More
10:00Cuala B0-0vs6-1Kilmacud Crokes BRound 7/home team to contact refereeMore
19:00Erin Go Bragh 8-0vs1-1St Johns BRound 7More
18:45Whitehall Colmcille 0-1vs6-1Erin Go Bragh Round 6More
10:00Faughs/Celtic B0-1vs1-0Kilcoole Round 3More
19:00Erin Go Bragh 6-2vs1-0Ballyboden St Endas BMore
19:00Whitehall Colmcille 2-1vs3-1St Vincents BRound 8More
18:45St Vincents B3-1vs3-4Naomh Maur Round 5- change of ref to Sabhbh Byrne ...gbMore
10:00C.B.C 1-0vs1-2O Dwyers Round 8More
10:00Faughs/Celtic B1-1vs2-0Cuala BRound 8More
10:00Kilmacud Crokes B3-0vs8-1Erin Go Bragh Round 8More
10:00St Johns B5-0vs0-0Ballyboden St Endas BRound 8More
19:00Faughs/Celtic B-vs-St Johns BConceded by Faughs/Celtic BMore
10:00Ballyboden St Endas B3-0vs2-0Kilmacud Crokes BRound 9/ Note change of ref ...gbMore
10:00C.B.C 4-3vs6-2Kilcoole Round 9/ new ref/ home team to contact ref...gbMore
10:00Erin Go Bragh 5-2vs0-0Faughs/Celtic BRound 9More
10:00O Dwyers -vs-Cuala BConceded by Cuala BMore
10:00St Vincents B3-0vs1-0St Johns BRound 9More
19:30Naomh Maur 3-7vs0-1Whitehall Colmcille Round 9/More
10:00Cuala B-vs-Erin Go Bragh Conceded by Cuala BMore
10:00Faughs/Celtic B1-0vs0-1Ballyboden St Endas BRound 10More
10:00Kilmacud Crokes B4-5vs2-0St Vincents BRound 10More
10:00O Dwyers 4-0vs4-2Kilcoole Round 10More
10:00St Johns B3-1vs12-7Naomh Maur Round 10More
10:00Whitehall Colmcille 8-3vs2-1C.B.C Round 10More
19:30Naomh Maur 17-13vs0-0Kilcoole Round 8/new date .gbMore
10:00Ballyboden St Endas B-vs-Cuala BConceded by Cuala BMore
10:00C.B.C 8-2vs1-1St Johns BRound 11More
10:00Erin Go Bragh 10-5vs0-0O Dwyers Round 11More
10:00Naomh Maur 7-4vs1-1Kilmacud Crokes BRound 11More
10:00St Vincents B3-0vs3-0Faughs/Celtic BRound 11More
10:00Whitehall Colmcille 1-5vs2-0Kilcoole Round 11More