League Table Under 14A League

Kilmacud Crokes 8602102633912
Na Fianna 842299821710
Lucan Sarsfields 740312066548
Naomh Jude 73221069798
Ballyboden St Endas 7322696728
St Finians 6204676524
Faughs/Celtic 62047096-264
St Oliver Plunkett/Eoghan Ruadh 710641138-972

Under 14A League
10:00Ballyboden St Endas 2-2vs1-2Faughs/Celtic Round 1More
12:00Na Fianna 6-2vs4-4St Finians Round 1More
12:00Naomh Jude 3-5vs4-8Kilmacud Crokes Round 1More
12:00St Oliver Plunkett/Eoghan Ruadh 1-3vs8-1Lucan Sarsfields Round 1More
12:00Ballyboden St Endas 1-3vs2-4Kilmacud Crokes note change of ref to Nial DowlerMore
12:00Faughs/Celtic 1-0vs7-6Lucan Sarsfields Round 3More
12:00St Oliver Plunkett/Eoghan Ruadh 0-6vs1-2Na Fianna Round 3More
12:00Kilmacud Crokes 1-4vs3-1Faughs/Celtic Round 4More
12:00Lucan Sarsfields 1-4vs0-3St Finians Round 4More
12:00Na Fianna 3-2vs3-2Ballyboden St Endas Round 4More
19:00Kilmacud Crokes 6-6vs0-2St Oliver Plunkett/Eoghan Ruadh Round 2More
12:00Ballyboden St Endas 2-2vs2-2Naomh Jude Round 5More
12:00Faughs/Celtic 4-1vs6-2Na Fianna Round 5More
12:00Lucan Sarsfields 1-4vs2-6Kilmacud Crokes Round 5More
12:00St Oliver Plunkett/Eoghan Ruadh 0-0vs4-11St Finians Round 5More
12:00Na Fianna 2-7vs3-2Lucan Sarsfields Round 6More
12:00Naomh Jude 6-4vs4-1Faughs/Celtic Round 6More
10:00Ballyboden St Endas 1-2vs3-6St Finians Round 7More
10:00Kilmacud Crokes 2-4vs7-1Na Fianna Round 7More
10:00Lucan Sarsfields 7-5vs2-3Naomh Jude ref confirmedMore
19:00Naomh Jude 6-6vs4-2St Oliver Plunkett/Eoghan Ruadh Round 4More
19:00St Oliver Plunkett/Eoghan Ruadh 0-1vs2-5Ballyboden St Endas Round 6More
19:30St Finians 5-8vs4-3Faughs/Celtic Round 2_refixedMore
12:00Lucan Sarsfields 5-2vs5-5Ballyboden St Endas Round 2More
12:00St Finians 1-6vs6-4Naomh Jude Round 3More
19:30Faughs/Celtic 6-8vs4-0St Oliver Plunkett/Eoghan Ruadh Round 7More
19:30Na Fianna 1-4vs2-1Naomh Jude Round 2More
19:30St Finians 0-1vs2-5Kilmacud Crokes Round 6More
11:00Na Fianna 0-1vs2-2Kilmacud Crokes Playoff-ref confirmed Pitch No 4More