League Rules

Team fee is $160 Due before January 15, 2019
Rosters should include player name and jersey number
Birthdates and legal address made available on request

Player Eligibility 
Juniors 5th & 6th grades, may not turn 13 before January 1st of playing season.
Seniors 7th & 8th grades, may not turn 15 before January 1st of playing season. (High School freshmen are ineligible)

If a town has a team in RT 44 the player must play for that team.  Exceptions are made on a case by case basis but not limited to a head coaches son playing for the father who is coaching in another town.

Mail Rosters and checks to:
RT. 44 Basketball
C/O Sharon Rec/Youth
P.O. Box 385
Sharon CT 06069

Playing Rules 
Juniors 5th & 6th play CT High School rules except, 6 full time outs and NO 3-point goals, use of 28.5 ball (women's).
Seniors 7th & 8th play CT High School rules
Juniors and Seniors Divisions will both play an extra 5th Quarter (running time)

Extra Quarter
All teams should plan on playing a full 5th Quarter

Refs are the responsibility of the home team, 2 refs for Sr. Division games and no parents should referee.  Visiting team may bring a ref but should let home team know prior to game.  Home team should place courtesy email or phone call the week prior to the game to verify time and location at which time the home team should let the visiting team know if they will only be using one ref. 

Special Note
The commissioner is the only one who can declare a forfit.  Games not played may count as a loss at seasons end.  If there is a problem rescheduling games notify the commissioner ASAP.

All teams are required to send their schedule to Bill Guilmart and home team is required to text in the final score of their game each week.  Each team is to provide Bill with a cell phone number for the person assigned the responsibility of reporting the game scores.