Reporting Scores

How to Report Game Scores

One hour before tip-off the Home team coach will receive a text message like this one:

ID990597, Litchfield, , Harwinton, , Litchfield High School, 12:00, 11/01/2012

When you receive your first text message you should create a new contact on your phone and call it something like RT44 Results or something easy for you to remember.

When you report your results all you have to do is report the final score by inserting the scores for each team in between the commas

ID990597, Litchfield, 50, Harwinton, 48, Litchfield High School, 12:00, 11/01/2012

How to Send in your Score by Copying the original message
1. Highlight the text message and Select "Copy" then paste it into the message line (be sure to not modify anything yet)
2. Between the two commas ",   ,"  insert your score and do the same for the other team it should look something like this:

 ID990597, Litchfield, 50, Harwinton, 48, Litchfield High School, 12:00, 11/01/2012

Please take notice not to delete any of the commas from the original message this will cause a problem!

3. Hit SEND and you should get a message back your result was accepted

After a few seconds you will receive a text message confirming that the result was accepted and the website and Standings will be automatically updated.